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Iddaru Mitrulu(1999) Iddaru Mitrulu -Chiranjeevi,Ramya Krishnan, Sakshi Sivanand

  Iddaru Mitrulu Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download -1999
Iddaru Mitrulu-Chiranjeevi,Ramya Krishnan, Sakshi Sivanand

Iddaru Mitrulu Cast ::Chiranjeevi,Ramya Krishnan, Sakshi Sivanand
Iddaru Mitrulu Director::Raghavendra Rao K
Iddaru MitruluMusic Director::Mani Sharma
Iddaru MitruluProducer::---

Movie Story

K. Raghavendra Rao and Chiranjeevi reunited after the Mugguru Monagallu debacle for this avgerage grossing fare that was produced by R. K. Films. iddaru mitrulu Chiru (Vijay) and Sakshi Sivanand are best friends. They share their thoughts, happiness and pain with each other. One day she finds love in a photographer (Suresh) and marries him, while Vijay plays a lover boy and marries Ramya Krishna. However, Sakshi’s happiness ends when she finds out that her husband is two-timing her. Vijay consoles her but his wife is unhappy that he spends so much time with her and gives him an ultamatim. He chooses his friend and takes care of her and her unborn child and later reunites her with her husband. Chiru played a very uncharacteristic soft role. There was no heroic angle to his role in the sense with which his fans are used to, but he gives an excellent performance. At times one does not feel as if he is watching a Chiru film except while enjoying the wonderful dancing and the comic drunken scene, yet Chiru still impresses with his very underplayed performance. He shows he can do any role with ease. The rest of cast performed well. Raghavendra Rao has not been as great as he was and he did an ok job but someone else would have been better. Mani Sharma’s music is excellent, in particular the songs, “Dekh Baba” and “Hey Ruku Ruku,” for which Rambha made a special appearance

Iddaru Mitrulu-Telugu Mp3 Songs Download Here :
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  1. Bangaaram -Parthasarathi, Chitra
  2. Chang Chang - Udit Narayan, Harini
  3. Dekh baba - SP. Balasubramaniam, Chitra
  4. Hey Rukku -SP. Balasubramaniam, Chitra
  5. Manasaa -SP. Balasubramaniam, Sunitha
  6. Nootokka - Mano, Chitra
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  1. Bangaaram - [MEGAUPLOAD]
  2. Chang Chang - [MEGAUPLOAD]
  3. Dekh baba - [MEGAUPLOAD]
  4. Hey Rukku - [MEGAUPLOAD]
  5. Manasaa -[MEGAUPLOAD]
  6. Nootokka - [MEGAUPLOAD]