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Premante Idera ( 1994) -> Venkatesh,Preethi Zinta

Premante Idera Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download  1994
Premante Idera - > Venkatesh,Preethi Zinta

Premante Idera Cast :: Venkatesh,Preethi Zinta
Premante Idera Director :: Jayant Paranji
Premante Idera Producer ::
Premante Idera Music Director :: Ramana gogula
Premante Idera Genres :: family
Premante Idera Country :: India
Premante Idera Language :: Telugu
Premante Idera Release Date :: - 1994

Movie Story

Murali (Venkatesh) and his friends go to a village to attend their friend`s marriage ceremony. When they reach they begin to have fun and join in with the festivities. Murali also meets Shailu (Preity Zinta) and is captivated by her attitude and beauty. Soon both fall in love but Murali soon finds out that she is to be married to a police officer. Murali puts on a brave face for the ceremony but hopes that something or someone will be able to stop the ceremony. He does everything he can to stop the marriage, he even tries to convince Shailu's parents. Finally the movie ends with the approval of Venktramayya(Ranganath) for their marriage

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  1. Nizam Babulu - Mano, Swarnalatha Lyricist: Chandrabose [MediaFire]
  2. Naalo Unna Prema - S P Balu, Chitra Lyricist: Sirivennela [MediaFire]
  3. Vayasa Chusuko - S P Balu, Chitra Lyricist: Sirivennela [MediaFire]
  4. Manase Eduru Tirige - S P Balu, Chitra Lyricist: Sirivennela [MediaFire]
  5. Bombai Bomma - Ramana Gogula, Ganga Lyricist: Chandrabose [MediaFire]
  6. Emo Ekkadundho - S P Balu, Chitra Lyricist: Sirivennela [MediaFire]
  7. Theme Humming - Chitra [MediaFire]
  8. O Meri Bul Bul - Ramana Gogula Lyricist: Chandrabose [MediaFire]