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Okka Mogadu ( 2007) -> Balakrishna,Anushka, Simran, Nisha Kothari

Okka Mogadu Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download  2007
Okka Mogadu Cast :: Balakrishna,Anushka, Simran, Nisha Kothari
Okka Mogadu Director :: Y V S Chowdary
Okka Mogadu Producer ::
Okka Mogadu Music Director :: Mani Sharma
Okka Mogadu No. of Track :: 07
Okka Mogadu Genres :: family
Okka Mogadu Country :: India
Okka Mogadu Language :: Telugu
Okka Mogadu Release Date :: - 2007

Movie Story

The much-publicized Okka Magadu that was touted to give Balayya the much-needed break falls flat. It doesn't live up to the hype and is undoubtedly badly made film. Director YVS rehashes Shankar directed Bharateeyudu. His direction lacks seriousness. There is no novelty. YVS thrashes all the hopes that NBK fans have put on him. Bad script, awful direction, silly graphics and boorish second half outweigh the only advantage it boasts - Balakrishna's sincerity in portraying the character of Okka Magadu. Borrowing Bharateeyudu's storyline itself is a blunder mistake. Further the director kills the film by mediocre narration. Especially the second half is too monotonous. YVS is known for picuterising songs so beautifully but in Okka Magadu, none of the songs are praiseworthy. Even the remix song of "Pattuko Pattuko.." is shot so distastfully. The romantic episodes between Balakrishna, Priyanka Kothari and Anushka are enough to show how the director missed the bus altogether this time. The only saving grace is Balakrishna has done amazing job in the role of Okka Magadu. Performances Balakrishna plays dual role - grandson Satyam and grandfather Okka Magadu - with great justification. Although the role of Okka Magaadu is straight lift from Bharateeyudu, NBK comes with good performance and leaves his mark. But his makeup is bad. The old man get up doesn't have any resemblance to NBK's face. He looks more like poor replica of Marlin Brando in Godfather. Simran gets full-length role but she looks misfit for it. Anushka and Priyanka Kothari are there only for songs. Both the characters have little to do the story. There is no strong villain or other worthy character to mention. Ashutosh Rana's character defies the logic (what how does a Malayali becomes Minister in Andhra?). Technically too it lacks punch. The so-called makeup by Hollywood technicians looks bawdy. Camera work by Madhu A Naidu and Ram Prasad is substandard. Unnecessary effects and graphics incorporated. In some scenes, dialogue writer Chintapalli Ramana has shown his spark although much of them have already been heard or seen in YVS's earlier movies - Lahiri Lahiri Lahiri Lo and Seetaiah. But one dialogue about caste politics is good. Bottom-line Okka Magadu is without doubt another badly made big budgeted film. Rehash of Bharateeyudu, the film shatters all the hopes of NBK fans who believed YVS because he is die-hard fan of NTR. Except NBK's sincere performance, none of the aspects are praiseworthy. Okka Magadu falls flat. YVS should be blamed for the fiasco.

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