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Allari Alludu (1993) -Nagarjuna ,Nagma and Meena

Allari Alludu Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download 1993
Allari Alludu -Nagarjuna ,Nagma and Meena

Allari Alludu Cast :: Nagarjuna ,Nagma and Meena
Allari Alludu Director :: -A Kodanda ramireddy
Allari Alludu Producer :: -D.Sivaprasad Reddy
Allari Alludu Music Director :: - M M Keeravaabi
Allari Alludu No. of Track :: 07
Allari Alludu Genres :: family
Allari Alludu Country :: India
Allari Alludu Language :: Telugu
Allari Alludu Release Date :: - 1993

Movie Story

Nagarjuna has a canteen in a College. Nagma is the daughter of Vanisree (who lives in the village) who comes to study in the collage. Due to the ego of nagma they both have fights and nagarjuna ends up in jail. Then Nagarjuna goes to nagmas village to take revenge back. There is also an other story why nagarjuna takes revenge on the nagma's family (flashback). The rest of the story is how he changes nagmas family and keeps up his word. Nagarjuna's performance was excellent all the way and he suited the role very well. His mass acting was simply superb. Infact the whole movie runs on him. Nagma acted very well as a ego rich girl. Meena's character looks a bit artificial. Kota srinivasarao acted his role with ease. Babu mohan suited the role as a beggar. Vanisri deserves a special mention.Brahmanandam comedy was hilarious he bought life to the role (the tax inspector episode was hilarious) The casting of the actors was superb.direction is very good. This movie is a pukka mass entertainer and the director executed the movie very well. He made sure that audience are not bored at any point in the movie until the climax. Honestly i dont know what to comment on about. All i can say is He got the basics right which makes this movie a winner. Here is an other big asset for the movie. Keeravani's music is really superb. 5 songs in the album are mass numbers and they are really good. A definitely must own album for mass songs lovers. Background score is really good.

Allari Alludu - Telugu Mp3 Songs Download Here :
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  1. Chalona Chakkara Kheli -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi
  2. Kammani Vodi Bommani -
    S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi [MediaFire]
  3. Machilipatnam maya bazar -
    S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi [MediaFire]
  4. Noo Nugu Meesala (Ramya Krishna) - Balasubrahmanyam Sp, Chithra K S
  5. Okkasari -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi
  6. Ravike Chuste -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi
  7. Thoda Thokkidi -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi
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  1. Chalona Chakkara Kheli -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi [MEGAUPLOAD]
  2. Kammani Vodi Bommani -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi[MEGAUPLOAD]
  3. Machilipatnam maya bazar -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi[MEGAUPLOAD]
  4. Noo Nugu Meesala (Ramya Krishna) -[MEGAUPLOAD]
  5. Okkasari -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi[MEGAUPLOAD]
  6. Ravike Chuste -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi[MEGAUPLOAD]
  7. Thoda Thokkidi -S.P.Balu, Chitra / Veturi[MEGAUPLOAD]